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Fashion Forward

By on February 8, 2016

Why I Dress the Way I Do: Introducing Physical Graffiti.
Periscope Date: 12/17/15 Replay link: http://www.mzsadie.com/videos?vid=58qT
Scope Topic: Hello World

I found myself defending the way that I dress in my role as CEO of my business so I decided to write this blog to inform everyone who is interested about the way I really feel about clothing and fashion.

My corporate partners and I have been involved with the ownership and/or executive management of literally dozens of different types of companies over the years, including those in the fashion industry.

Before digging deeper into fashion, for those of you who tell me that I do not dress appropriate for the business world, all I can point out to you is that this is AMERICA and I can dress however I please. I will spend 16 hours a day running my global conglomerate in whatever attire I find most suitable and I invite you to run your business in whatever attire you see fit. Apparently, based on my success in every endeavor that I undertake and the fact that my business continues to grow, I am in fact dressing appropriate to success.

Fashion is a big business. The truth is that if the fashion industry here in the US disappeared, the US economy would collapse. And literally millions of people in a huge array of related industries would simply lose their livelihoods and be homeless in six months. Now here is the hard part for many people to accept. While it’s true that majority of men and women buy clothing sizes far larger than would be worn by myself or any of the aces, those buyers are not the backbone of the fashion trade. The truth is that the average young adult Millennial spends far more money in clothing stores than does the average Mom or Dad. It makes sense as Mom and Dad have a variety of other obligations competing for their hard earned dollar. Having the latest and greatest magazine look just isn’t at the top of the average struggling family leader nor should it be.

In my everyday business, I formulate, manufacture and distribute over 1,000 different products. I believe that we have the best nutrition products in the world. I believe we have the best skin care products in the world. The best jewelry products for the money. The best CBD products. The best health products. Our products are sold in many different venues but we are primarily an internet company that is fueled by the under 50 demographic.

When you see me or one of the aces on Periscope, you will normally see fashion built for the younger demographic. Our fashion is IN FACT the backbone of the fashion industry and it is not going to disappear – ever. Nor should it since it would send the country into an economic tailspin.

You may not personally like a short dress. Or a top that shows cleavage. In fact, it may even offend your sensibilities. Maybe you think that this type of clothing is only worn by hookers and drug users (incredible to me but yes I have heard that!). I cannot stop you from thinking the things that you do. I can only tell you that I am not forcing you to join our Periscope channel. I support the fact that you are entitled to your beliefs even if I do not agree with them. I just wonder why you would put the effort forward coming here to attack us for the way we dress.

Look it works both ways. My friend is 55 years old and wears a size 16. She wears huge over-sized loose fitting t shirts when she goes shopping and over the top types hats to Church. I can’t stop people in the gym she walks by thinking that she is fat and lazy or that she is wearing a road kill peacock on her head. I don’t think those things about my overweight elders. Nor do a majority of intelligent, compassionate people in America think that about her or think that the way I dress is offensive to God. The bottom line is that the world is about diversity, support and love. That all we are trying to promote here with our words, appearance and our products; can’t we all just get along…why do you have to be so negative and judgmental.

Here is the real purpose of this blog. As the chief executive of a business that cares about EVERYONE, even the more rigid thinkers that make up our diverse culture, I am always looking for ways to satisfy most of the people most of the time. So I have exciting news. In the near future, I am going to give people who feel that dresses above the knee are scandalous, who feel a model who is built more like Barbie than a beach ball is an embarrassment or who feel that a man wearing an embellished, tight shirt is a hoodlum the same access to express their own personal style in custom made clothing as their Millennial counterparts.

We will be launching, during the first quarter of 2016 a new fashion enterprise called Physical Graffiti. Physical Graffiti will be a custom clothing manufacturing business that gives you the power to create your own, one-of-a-kind, textiles to have sewn into custom made clothing items of your own choosing. In addition to creating custom fabric, you can make your designs available to sell to others for fabric-item combinations that can’t be found in any store in the world. Physical Graffiti lets you choose the item that you want in the size, cut, fabric print and embellishments that suit you best. Each item is then hand sewn and customized for you in the USA by Physical Graffiti and shipped to you with 48 hours at a price competitive with the typical Mall clothing retailers.

Is that cool or what? We plan to open our first 15,000 square foot production complex by the end of March 2016.

I thank everyone for their continued support of myself and all the aces and always look forward to hearing the diversity of opinions out there – when they are clean and non-judgmental.

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