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Our national healthcare system is in crisis. You begin to feel sick but it takes you days to get an appointment with your doctor so you decide to go to a local urgent care facility. You spend 3 hours in the waiting room being bombarded by literally billions of germs from people even sicker than you. After another hour of waiting you get your prescription and a bill for $165.00. Even worse, if you had gotten sick outside normal clinic hours, you were forced to go to an emergency room where you waited twice as long and had a $1,300 bill. The system is broken. My colleagues and I decided to take responsibility and repair it. No more waiting rooms. No more cost. See a Board Certified Physician for free, whenever you like 24/7/365 without ever leaving your home. Even better – extend that same amazing fix to entire families – always and forever free. That is what we have done for you with our Pocket Doc Service that utilizes the nation’s largest and most respected tele-health doctor network – MD Live. Consult with one of 2,300 prescribing physicians from the network on the phone or through a live video app. Receive unlimited free, immediate access for you and your entire family to health care whenever you need it. You’ll want to tell all your friends about this incredible free service that we created and if you do we will even teach you how you can make money telling others about this. Click here to receive free tele-health immediately.

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